The following information can ease the admissions process at RMC

Items to Bring with you

Be sure to bring with you on the day of your admission:

-Identity card.

-Medical Insurance card.

-All forms, letters and requests from your doctor/medical practitioner/anesthetist.

-X-rays and scans relating to your admission.

-All medications that you are currently taking in their original packets and any current prescriptions you may have.

-Pyjamas, slippers and toiletries, including toothbrush, tissues, shaving cream and razor.

-Comfortable day clothes for longer stay patients.

-Small amount of money for incidentals.

-Do not bring valuables such as jewelry.

 Pre-Admissions Process

The physician:  

-Fills the Admitting Request form for admission.

-Includes on the request all specific tests to be done and mention the name of the treatment/procedure.

-Discusses with patient or family

-Fills up the consent form signs it after obtaining the patient’s or the guardian signature on the Consent form.

-Provides any expected costs to the patient or family.

-Provides information to help the patient/family make the proper decisions.

Admitting Officer:

-Welcomes the patient/family.

-Checks the admission slip.

-Checks the patient registration and complete the necessary Information.

-Reserves the hospital bed.

-Provides the admission booklet and educates the patient/family about patient rights.

-Informs the patient about the date and time of admission.

-Provides necessary instructions regarding preparations for admission.

-Provides information on the expected cost of hospitalization. This information includes:

-The cost of treatment and procedures

-The room rate (depending on the type of room selected)

-The guarantor (self-pay or third party payer)

-Mode of payment (cash or credit)

Contact Us

Admission Office:
tel: 961 6 448324-5 ext 101
fax: 961 6 448324-5 ext 125
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