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Our History

In the name of Allah, the Merciful

We cannot speak about Rahma Hospital, without mentioning The Islamic Youth Association, as the mother who gave birth, and watched the upbringing and development of her child.

The association began its activity in Tripoli in 1981 through the establishment of several medical booths, which had an active humanitarian role at the level of the provided therapeutic medical services. Thus the burdens and costs of the disease were soothed out the citizen shoulders, despite the difficulties, security and social challenges faced by these clinics in that era.

In 1987 during the lean days of the civil war, when the idea of death, ruins, and pessimism prevailed, the reality of that day showed that the life was running its normal course, to doubt the terms of the dominant idea and to lay down its details and to confirm the continuity of  life and that projects in Lebanon still penetrate the wall of suffocation to form the vital lung of the community.

This project, and at its forefront, is the great association that extends widely in the middle of a space filled with olive trees, it helps embracing the patients and the disabled by making them comfortable whether by view or the clean air. This is the Rahma Hospital, which is led by the Islamic Youth Association in Tripoli.

It is a social medical institution, built on an area of 10,500 m2 endowment land in Zatoun Abo Samra, within a pure, quiet location, away from the bustle of the city of Tripoli… The city that had suffered from war blaze spark Holocaust, yielded meager social class, that was lack to a warm bosom, a clean hand, and a watchful eye.

However, the city never lacked determined individuals and righteous men and women. Sheikh Fawaz Hussain Agha was one of them, as he did not leave his city on the day with all the people that were suffering from pain, He stayed to be the father and the guardian, the trustee of the weak and poor citizens. He established the association by huge unlimited effort, with acceptable support to secure it from the good people in the Arab countries and Australia.

He gave his first speech to the people regarding the establishment of Rahma Hospital  twenty-three years ago, which stated:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful

Praise be to Allah and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allah …

I am pleased to present this project to fill an important gap in the protection of the society, alleviating its suffering, and participating in building the future, which we hope will be an oasis of good and hope, and a stable nation for us and for all people.

Therefore, a continuous movement in the Islamic Youth Association is ongoing, for the establishment of Rahma School for special needs and Rahma Hospital for Charity, as part of our mission, that deal with human and society issues.

This project comes in a difficult time that local energies are unable to go on, so we appealed and still appeal to all donors from Lebanon, the Arab world and the foreign countries to assist with actual contribution to the establishment of this project.  We are convinced that the sense of responsibility will guide all  people who are capable to participate in this fruitful and constructive work, both through the generous donations and through nonphysical support, because all efforts to serve this work will be the foundation of success.

A group of doctors, engineers, specialists and preachers have advocated to carry this responsibility, which is one of the major responsibilities of the societies.

Hence, we are kindly asking all donors to increase their donation so we can keep on going. On this occasion, we pray to Allah Almighty to reward all employees and benefactors with the best reward, and to double their reward. This is the best expression of our thanks and appreciation for their charity and Allah loves the benefactors.

This was the beginning, as tradition dictates, the beginnings with stable foots, the eyes of the promising tomorrow with humbled sight, and gradual construction of the association. The association was created based on the urgent need for the care of the disabled and the rehabilitation of patients, and to reduce the society pains. The association grew to be like a tee of consistent origin with the determined goals, and its branch is immersed in the sky of development and quality.

The Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled was the core which has modestly in the skills, and shy alive experience, but the disabled finally found a bosom to harbor him, and a warm hand, to be treated as human being.

Today, lays the same association, same location, but with will and determination combined, we strive in finding  the best doctors with the hiqhest physical therapy equipment, technical crews, machinery and High quality treatment, to form a miracle in the field of physical therapy in the North.

Rahma Hospital

Mission, Vision & Values :