CEO Letter

Rahma Hospital is all about friendly faces, caring hearts and a genuine desire to provide excellent patient care.

The greatest opportunity one may be granted is to serve one’s community. I am honored to have been granted the leadership role at Rahma Hospital a nonprofit, healthcare and rehabilitation institution. The Hospital is known for its long-lasting and proud heritage and its future that is directed towards growth.

Rahma Hospital was founded with a vision to serve the needs of the community and I look forward to upholding that tradition. It is my goal to provide the best rehabilitation healthcare and to enhance the trust and confidence of the people we serve.

For more than 25 years, Rahma Hospital has been leading in the field of rehabilitation. Holding true to our mission and offering the highest level of patient care, we offer a broad range of comprehensive, acute rehabilitation programs for spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurological disorders, cardio-pulmonary disease, amputations and orthopedics.

Our staff of rehabilitation experts work as a multidisciplinary team to deliver optimal, customized care. Because our goal is to help each patient reach their maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time possible, we continue to invest in the latest technologies that help us lead in the rehabilitation industry and enhance our programs,

In addition to our inpatient programs, Rahma Hospital continues to expand our outpatient presence, both in services and locations. Our outpatient services include physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as numerous other specialty programs. We are looking forward to opening our medical outpatient clinics in 2020.

We seek to develop our competences and services in cooperation with governmental organizations (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Military Institutions) as well as International organizations (UNICEF and the UN OCHA, ANERA, WRF).

Behind the scenes, we also conduct clinical research, where our physician-researchers, therapists and other professionals strive to make scientific breakthroughs that extend the boundaries of rehabilitation. Our Continuous Education Program supports our staff to acquire the newest technologies and methods in medical rehabilitation and care.

We proudly offer a continuum of care that will enhance the quality of your, or your beloved ones’ lives. I hope you take some time to browse our website to learn more about Rahma Hospital. Please feel free to reach out and I will be pleased to answer any of questions or comments.


Ezzat AGHA, CEO, Rahma Hospital