Medical and Rehabilitation

January 24, 2019

This section provides medical and rehabilitation care for patients with physical and sensory disabilities of all ages. It consists of 60 beds distributed on two floors equipped with medical and operational specifications in line with internationally recognized standards. This section receives multiple cases of disability (cerebral thrombosis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, scleroderma and other diseases affecting the nervous system and motor)

In this section, the patient is subject to a series of procedures whose main objective is to provide the best possible care for patients:

  • Study the full medical file in the office of entry to assess the medical condition and the level of disability and search for the possibility of providing medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Request the patient and his family to bring the disability card in case it exists, and to ensure that it is provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs if it is not available.
  • Preview the patient by the specialist doctor in the compound to give a medical opinion and draw up a remedial treatment plan
  • Evaluation of the rehabilitation section of the patient’s condition and degree of disability and study the possibility of responding to the approved rehabilitation at the reception of the patient and explain the stages of rehabilitation and the intended outcome of the expected patient and his family
  • Settlement of administrative and financial matters related to the reception of the patient
    The patient receives in the hospital until he can improve his physical abilities and restore the ability, whether motor or verbal, in full cooperation with the patient and his relatives. Rehabilitation may require a long period of time and frequent sessions, as well as a need for patience and cooperation with the treated team so that the patient can improve his functional abilities and prevent the occurrence of side effects of infection and achieve independence and return to the life of semi-normal than it was before the injury